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Nerds in the Twilight

A Study

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A haven for questioners, thinkers, and just plain nerds...
Hi. rin_333 here.

By nerds, for nerds. We usually have some sort of controversial topic floating around and some not so...anything topics. Dive in. Don't worry, it's not in the least formal. It's just a place for nerds to be nerds. If you've found a good book, do share! If you want to do a little religious questioning or universe investigation, here's the place to do it.

Submit whatever whenever, even nerdy webpages to our favorite webs list.

One rule:

No hating, man. We be nerds of da universe.

UNLESS IT'S TWILIGHT FANS! AUUUUGHHHH!! *Administrators momofreckles and venabili pop into room, start dragging her away with some chloroform in hand* THE MARY SUES! THE GARY STUS! GAAAA...AAA...aaa...peeep...peep... *fall down while other admins drag her away*